Localhost love: The last comfort zone for the dev

My life mostly revolves around the “production” or “prod” as we call it. You know life is stressful there. You have so many moving parts that need to be actually “moving”. You try to achieve a never attainable harmony in there. That itself is the core reason for the stress there. You are always on the watch for the service that is running wild. Coz it’s better to be woken up at 2 am than see a screenshot of the Twitter handle with the CEO tagged at 10 am on your mail.

Then there is the “test”. I visit there sometimes, but the guys there are not so friendly. The relationship between a tester and a dev is “complicated”. It’s more complicated than the one with your ex. The only similarity is that both try to find mistakes in what you do. There are always fights going on whether it’s a “6” or a “9” and none is bothered to look from the other’s perspective. So in a way, “test” is also stressful.

When all these eat up my head and I want to have some peace ( real inner peace ), I head to the “localhost”. It always somehow magically just “works” in the “localhost”. You can even make mistakes there and no one bothers you. All the undetected bugs are our little secret. Localhost even protects me from the bullies of “test” sometimes when I say “it works in my localhost”. You see, this is the only place I can say as mine. There is no “my test” or “my prod”. This my creative playground. Some things I build there may make it to the hands of thousands ( or maybe millions !) and others never see the light of “prod”. And most important of all, “localhost” is so close to me that I don’t even need to be connected to any network at all ( not even the internet !!). We are always together. No connectivity issues or firewalls can part us.

Love you Localhost, you keep me rolling…

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