Worst days in life

We all have that one worst day in the life that comes out of the blue and start right from the moment you wake up.

When your day decides to revolt against you, it will start its work right from the very first thing you depend in the morning , the alarm clock. For every day it was ringing fine and waking you up and it chose today to let you sleep more.

The moment you realize that you are late is the moment you start getting frustrated. You try to do things faster and messes them up further. What more, your colleague calls you in the morning and asks for some changes to the file you had sent a week back. You will feel like congratulating him for the nomination of bad timing awards.

And the breakfast item that you have cooked a hundred times get burnt for the first time and you end up dumping all of it in waste bin and start to office with empty stomach and a frustrated mind set .

Once you reach office , you will feel that the entire hell has broken loose. Things get uglier with colleagues and  juniors and your head becomes a steam engine .

Now take a step back and stay focused for a moment. Was it all bad or I started perceiving everything as against me ?. The alarm may have went off for some reason, getting late does meant end of the world. Also all the things that are happening now is not bcoz you were late. Shit happens all the time. Why bother and make others also a victim of your frustration.

Next time when I get a feeling that it’s going to be hell of a day, I am going to take a deep breath and say to myself, “its just late for some things, but I still can keep up ”

Enjoy your day, things can go bad even you were on time ????

With Love

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