Monthly Archive: September 2015


Worst days in life

We all have that one worst day in the life that comes out of the blue and start right from the moment you wake up. When your day decides to revolt against you, it...

Prettifying JSON in chrome 0

Prettifying JSON in chrome

As a web developer , I work with  lot of RESTful webservices and as such JSON is an inevitable part of my work life. Decoding a large JSON response ( or a JSON array ) could...

Hello world 0

The Hello World! effect

I am a developer by profession and I can tell you that I have tried to learn many of the programming languages out there. Even if the syntax and all other concepts are different,...

Coffee break 0

Coffee break !!

We all love to grab that one cup of coffee during our work hours. What I feel is that it’s not the coffee itself that we love , but the time that we spend...

Hello world! 0

Hello world!

Hello world ! , As per our beloved google, “ideation = the formation of ideas or concepts”. These are some micro ideations. Some very small ideas and thoughts about quite big things out there. with love S