Java spring auto deployment to Tomcat 8 using Jenkins 2.0 in AWS cloud

Continuous Integration ( CI ) is a step forward in the software development life cycle targeted for faster delivery and early detection of issues. CI requires integration of the code to main repository at least once daily. This demands an automated deployment process which would generate the build and deploy to the container with the latest code changes of stable branch. We can achieve this automation using a CI server and Jenkins is one of most popular tool in this category.

In this post, I will be discussing the steps for setting up Jenkins and configuring auto deployment.
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Installing Java 1.8 and Tomcat 8 in Centos 7

I have been setting up our servers in Amazon AWS and found that installing JDK is not as straightforward as I thought it would be 🙂

I had to do some googling before I could settle down on a method to setup and run tomcat 8 using jdk 1.8 in centos. Putting the steps below for reference to anyone who is trying to achieve the same in AWS: Keep reading