An expensive phone = Getting into a relationship !

After reading the title you may get a feeling that it’s another post bullshitting an expensive phone  from someone who can’t afford one. Nope, after reading this you will agree with me at least on couple of points .

We have seen a lot of new and expensive phones boasting a host of never-gonna-use features. But how does it feel like having one . Trust me , it’s a liability !!. Let’s see how we can relate this to having a relationship.

Love at first site

You have to admit one thing that the model of the phones coming out now are truly amazing and you feel a love at first sight towards some of them. Then you ask about this beauty to all the so called rating sites and make up your mind.

The proposal
Once you made up your mind , then you make the “proposal” and order it .This is the point where you have spent a fortune . Now it’s the waiting time and one fine day , the beauty comes to your home.

Living together

This is the part where you will have mixed feelings. At first , you are so happy that you have got something that you always wanted and would love to flaunt the beauty in front of your friends and colleagues. You are always carrying it with you where ever you go and there is not a single minute you can afford to be “not in touch” with the beauty. You make sure that its comfortably placed near you before you even go to your sleep !!.

After the initial glitter, you start getting some strange feelings. Does it feel a little bulky to carry around?. Is my jeans pocket fair enough for this ??. Now you are in a fix. If you are in a rush hour public transport, you need to care for the device more than your wallet and yourself. You get tired of handling it like a baby. Now it has become a liability !!!.

The divorce??

At this point, we may have some thoughts of getting rid of this ridiculous thing from the life. But do we really need to do it ??

Well, we as human beings have a unique capability. The capacity to adapt to something very quickly and get comfortable with it. So eventually, it becomes a part of our routine and would once again be as important as your own personal life. After all , we are living in a world where the “last seen” status in instant messaging dictates whether a person is alive or not  🙂 !!.

With Love

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